Polaroid’s Family of Partners Now Includes Infinity Lifestyle Brands

Feb 1st, 2010

New York, NY, February 1, 2010 – Infinity Lifestyle Brands LLC announced today that it has partnered with Gordon Brothers Brands, one of the lead joint venture partners behind PLR IP Holdings, LLC., the owners of the Polaroid© brand. Hilco Consumer Capital and Knight’s Bridge Capital Partners are the other lead joint venture partners behind PLR.

Over the past nine months, the Polaroid brand has exploded onto the global marketplace, characterized by a string of partnership announcements by PLR. By assembling best-in-class partners for product development, marketing distribution and licensing, PLR is successfully building upon Polaroid’s rich history to connect with a new generation of customers. Most recently, PLR announced that Lady Gaga, who just won two Grammy’s at the 52nd Annual Grammy Awards this past week, will serve as creative director across all Polaroid product lines.

“The rapid re-emergence and success of Polaroid is attributable to the collective expertise of the partners behind the brand,” stated Stephen Miller, President of Gordon Brothers Brands. “Infinity Lifestyle Brands brings another dimension of brand expertise to Polaroid that will help catapult this leading brand to the forefront of innovation, fun and simplicity.”

Infinity Lifestyle Brands, the consumer products and brand management division of the Infinity Group, has built its success on recognizing both the intrinsic and potential value in a brand. With roots in the merchandising and manufacturing businesses, Infinity Lifestyle Brands knows how to engage consumers and create loyalty through branding at the retail level.

“By leveraging our experience and expertise in consumer products and retail markets, our team is uniquely positioned to assist the Polaroid management team in maximizing the value of the Polaroid brand and its intellectual property assets,” said Ike Franco, Co-Chairman and Principal of Infinity Lifestyle Brands. “We look forward working closely with all of Polaroid’s partners to achieve even greater success for the brand.”

Over the past decade, Infinity Lifestyle Brands has led or participated in many high profile brand ventures including Starter Athletic, Bugle Boy, XOXO and the home products brands of Pillowtex Corporation including Cannon, Royal Velvet and Fieldcrest.

The agreement with Infinity Lifestyle Brands was effective December 30, 2009.

About Polaroid
Across several generations, people regard Polaroid as one of the most trusted, well-respected and recognizable names when it comes to instant photography. Polaroid began more than 70 years ago with polarized sunglasses, evolved into instant film, camera and camera accessories, and in recent years has expanded well beyond into flat panel televisions, portable DVD players, digital photo frames, digital HD camcorders, waterproof digital cameras and more. People can expect to see new products from Polaroid that will deliver the fun, instant gratification and value that the brand has long stood for. Polaroid is registered trademark of PLR IP Holdings, LLC. For more information, visit

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